Why I received postcards from two strangers

October 12, 2017

I’m a member of the online community Girls LOVE Travel (aka GLT). It’s an international community of over 400k women who love traveling and who support and empower each other. It’s a free Facebook group to join that is only for women or anyone who identifies as a woman. When it was announced that GLT would have a PenPal postcard exchange, I jumped at the opportunity. So did over 900 other GLT women who signed up to participate. The rules were simple. I’m supposed to send a postcard to the two women who commented on the thread just before me and I’m supposed to receive postcards from the two women who commented just below me.

Hell yeah, sounds like fun right? I was intrigued. I saw it as a way to connect with people who would otherwise have been strangers somewhere else in the world.

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In search of postcards

I live in Mountain View, California. Situated on the southern end of the San Francisco Peninsula, it’s a large suburb with several major technology companies headquartered here. Although Mountain View was named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountain, this is not a tourist area. My task of acquiring two postcards was more challenging then I expected it would be. I went to CVS but no luck, they only had regular cards. Right next door was a postal annex and they did have postcards but they were plastic and holographic images of safari animals. I really wanted to send something that was reflective of the Bay Area so I resumed searching. I walked down the road to Walgreen’s, again no postcards. Continued walking and found a FedEx, still no postcards. On the way home I stopped at a Cost Plus World Market, again no luck. Later that day I went food shopping and they too had no postcards, however, they did have some really nice cards of the Golden Gate Bridge. So I bought two cards instead of postcards.

San Francisco postcard

The card came with a slip of paper that read:

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”

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I sat staring at a blank page, having no idea what to write to a stranger. I decided instead I would draw. This is the card that Christina from Canada has received:

San Francisco Canada GirlsLOVETravel postcard

Unfortunately, the 2nd person I was supposed to send a card to, she never replied to me so I don’t have her address 🙁

The postcards arrived!

Each day I’d gleefully stop by my mailbox and open it with anticipation. So imagine my joy when the first card arrived!

Front and Back of her lovely card!

It reads:

“Amber, I live in a college town, where all of the postcard represent the university, rather than the wild, wonderful mountain state that I know and love! I decided to make you one instead. Should your travels ever lead you down these country roads, you’ve got a friend! GLT Love, Jada

P.S. I threw in some Cambodian money for fun!”

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And the second card from New York with the coolest stamp!


Thank you to Jada and Graciela for the lovely cards! If you’re interested in joining a helpful and supportive group of travel-loving women, check out Girls LOVE Travel. And if you’re joining in on the postcard exchange, and don’t have access to postcards, I recommend getting postcards from Amazon. Are you a member of GLT or participated in a postcard exchange? If so, share your experience in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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By Amber Alexander

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  1. Reply

    Chasing Krista

    how awesome is this!! I love collecting postcards and even more so, sending them off! it is crazy how you build such connections with people all over the world! I love this!! #glt

    1. Reply

      Amber Alexander

      Thanks so much! I’m hoping to take it to the next level and meet some GLT ladies in person, maybe on one of the group tour vacations.

  2. Reply


    This is a pretty cool concept! I often send postcards to my mother and she to me. I really love and cherish them. This is even cooler

  3. Reply

    Haley - Girls LOVE Travel

    Love this article Amber!
    I also love love LOVE your image you made for my procrastapacking problems lol

    Thank you for your continued #gltLOVE & support for Girls LOVE Travel in and out of the community!


    1. Reply

      Amber Alexander

      Thanks Haley! Glad you liked them lol, GLT has had a big impact on my life and I can’t wait to see how the community grows! <3

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