How zombies helped me lose weight (60 pounds gone!)

October 17, 2017

How zombies helped me lose weight

photo of me after losing 60 pounds

I’ve lost 60 pounds so far and I did it entirely through eating right on Weight Watchers and walking. However, when I go walking, zombies are chasing me…

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Why I decided on walking

When I started this weight loss journey, I acknowledged to myself that it would take time to lose all this weight (I still have more to go). So I focused on doing exercises that I enjoy and are sustainable in the long term.

Let me repeat that because it’s very important. Find exercises that you enjoy and are sustainable.

I’ve had a gym membership in the past and I would go for a month or two. Then my visits trickle off until I canceled it. If that sounds like you, then listen to your habits and realize that intense gym workouts may not be enjoyable and sustainable for you. That’s why I turned to walking.

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Walking from zombies?

I use an app called Zombies, Run! created by Six to Start. Technically it’s an app for runners but I don’t like running so I use it for walking. It’s an audio adventure series. On each walk, you are on a mission. A zombie apocalypse story unfolds with action, mystery, betrayal, and characters that you’ll get to know.

in-game screenshots from the Zombies, Run! fitness app
Screenshots from Zombies, Run!

Going on zombie story missions

Setting the app up is very simple. When viewing the first mission from season one called “Jolly Alpha Five Niner”, tap “Music” to choose your playlist, then tap “tracking” to activate your GPS/accelerometer. Tap the cog button to change your mission duration or distance then Start Mission.

You are immediately dropped into the story as you start your walk. You hear sounds of a helicopter. You hear a woman’s voice, she says, “Able Township is just on the horizon. See it now? Not much more than a few fences to keep the zoms out. I don’t know how they live like that. Guess they won’t be living like that much longer.”

The woman says over the radio, “Able Township, Jolly Alpha Five Niner From Mullins Military Base. We’re five miles out, approaching from the east. Bringing med supplies, shelters, and a load of one of our people. Able Township, Jolly Alpha Five Niner requesting permission to land.”

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An unsure male voice replies, “Got that, I uh uh, I mean roger that. You’re clear to…uh…yeah you can come on in.”

The woman replies, “Roger Able. Heading down now.” She turns to you and says “Level with me. You and me both know we haven’t got half of the usual supplies. We’ve lied to the township. Yeah, I know, you don’t know anything. Someone at Able is going to come up to you and say ‘I’m here to brief you on Project Greenshoot’ and then you’ll find out what your mission really is. I just…what the? Someone’s shooting! That’s not from the township. Who the hell has a rocket launcher?!”

You hear an explosion! “We’re hit!!” Sirens going off all around you. “I’ve lost the tail rotor.” She’s on the radio again. “Mayday, mayday, mayday. Jolly Alpha Five Niner going down three miles east of Able Township. Two souls on board.”

The man from Able replies, “This is Able calling, supply copter can you hear us? You’re going down fast. Can any of you hear us? Open your chute. Jump. Jump!” You hear the sound of you parachute opening and the helicopter crashing in the distance.

The man from Able calls over your headset, “Hey! Hey! I uh…this is Able Township calling, over. Is there anyone alive? If you’ve got your parachute open, this is Sam Yao from Able Township. Ohhh. I’m just the radio operator man, I’m not supposed to handle this stuff.”

You hear a thump as you land. Sam says, “You’ve come down in a horde of zombies. They’ve heard the noise, you’re coming! There are 13 of them, no 14. Oh crap! Your only safe path is towards the tower. If there is anyone alive there just run, RUN!” You hear zombies groaning as they get closer.

woman's lower legs in walking shoesHow to get Zombies, Run!

Each episode has it’s own story mission as well as an overarching story. They are very well written and I highly recommend getting it! Click here or on the image below to find Zombies, Run! on the app store. Have you used any other story apps like this to motivate your workouts? If so, which app was it? Tell us about it in the comments. 

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    Jamie @WM Secrets

    Great article! It really helps me to lose weight. it is just easy way before I get used to sitting after finish my work but after following your walk at home starting with 1 mile and then 2 miles and finally the 4 miles, I start to be motivated to work out every day. I start to lose weight which is good. Walking a weight loss very helpful always to lose weight.

    thank you again

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