Do I need travel insurance?

October 25, 2017

Do I Need Travel Insurance Coverage?Do I need travel insurance?

The short answer is YES. You put your hard earned money into your dream vacation, why would you not protect it?  Getting travel insurance is quick and affordable. Going on a vacation without travel insurance is like driving a car without car insurance. You’ll probably be alright but when things go wrong, it gets expensive fast. Maybe you’re like I was and just didn’t know what travel insurance covers. Let’s fix that.

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What does travel insurance cover?

  • If you have to cancel your trip because you are sick, injured, or there is bad weather, those costs are covered.
  • If your trip is interrupted or delayed, you’re covered.
  • If you get sick or have an accident during your trip, you’re covered.
  • If your bags are delayed, lost, or stolen, you’re covered.
  • If you need to be medically evacuated, you’re covered.
  • If you need to be non-medically evacuated such as due to natural disaster or political unrest, you’re covered.
  • And so much more…the list really does go on and on.

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Multi-lingual professionals are available 24 hours a day to help with advice, and referrals for medical emergencies. When an emergency happens they can help with legal assistance, prescription assistance, emergency cash transfers or can even help find local physicians or medical facilities for you. To see all the specifics, make sure to read your policy before you buy it. Not all policies have the same coverage. For example, many policies don’t include coverage for pre-existing conditions or you may have to pay more to cover extreme sports. Find a policy that covers what you need.

Outside view of an emergency roomThis page includes affiliate referral links, which means that I’ll earn a commission if you make a purchase. I personally use World Nomads, they are a company that I trust, and all opinions are my own. Using these links will help support this site at no additional cost to you.

How do I get travel insurance?

It’s very simple. I use and recommend World Nomads. You just fill out the form below or go to their website at to fill out the form there. They immediately give you a quote that includes a price and full list of coverage details. You can either buy right away or it has the option to email the quote to yourself and save it for later. After your purchase, all your policy information will be emailed to you.

Simple & easy!

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Have you used World Nomads before? Tell us about it in the comments!

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By Amber Alexander

Through my own adventures, I strive to provide insight into experiences that will enrich your life. Traveling is my passion and I want to share that with you. Along with recommendations for adventures, I will also review books and supplies that are related to those adventures. I want you to push your own boundaries of what you thought you could do. Let me be your guide and compass to rediscovering how fun life can be!


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    Was just thinking this today. I’m hitting 30 countries soon and have never bought it, but then again, my credit card has many of these benefits. May be buying my first policy for a trip that I couldn’t use my cc on!

    1. Reply

      Amber Alexander

      That’s some really nice benefits from a credit card!

  2. Reply


    I’ve been always wondering about if i should get a travel insurance. and indeed, you helped me to think through on getting or not to get for my next trip!

  3. Reply


    I’ve always bought travel insurance (I’m one of those credit-averse millennials that doesn’t have a fancy credit card that offers it), and – while I’ve never had to use it (knock on wood) – it always gives me peace of mind. All of my policies have been totally affordable, so well worth it! Thank you for sharing <3

  4. Reply


    I think for extended travel, which I’m looking into for next year, this would be really useful. Timely topic for me so I’m glad I found this post!

  5. Reply


    I’m gonna be honest and say that I’m one of the guilty ones who doesn’t get travel insurance BUUUT my mind is slowing changing! Honestly so much can happen, and it’s true! Simply having the peace of mind that you’ll be taken care of is worth it… You don’t want to have to be worrying on your vacation! Thanks for the recommendation! xx

  6. Reply

    Christina S.

    YES YOU NEED TRAVEL INSURANCE! Was that loud enough? 🙂 I just had to cut my 10 day Italy trip short because I got a hernia. Our plane tickets were $1700 EACH to change to come home. Thank goodness we had travel insurance (hopefully the claims process isn’t too big of a pain!)

    1. Reply

      Amber Alexander

      That’s so unfortunate, yeah it gets expensive so fast. I hope you heal up soon!

  7. Reply


    Hey Amber,

    Aaaargggghhh I hate travel insurance so much, but it *is* a necessary evil. I’ve been living abroad/long-term travelling for six years and I’ve always had travel insurance (I’ll let you calculate that cost because I don’t like to think about it), but it makes me so mad because I’ve never been able to claim anything! I know, I know, when there’s an emergency, I’ll be thankful. But when I was hit with depression, I couldn’t claim. When I had my phone stolen, I couldn’t claim (no receipt) – same issue when my laptop broke and I needed a new one. Same when I developed adult acne that left my face as an entire weeping wound.

    BUT I know that there’s always a chance that something really bad with happen, and then I’ll be protected. Just make sure you can prove your purchases of high value items in case they’re stolen or break!!! Lessons learnt!

    1. Reply

      Amber Alexander

      Good to know about the receipts, thank you!

  8. Reply

    Holly @ Southern Roots Blog

    Thank you for breaking down what travel insurance actually covers. I travel a lot with my son but have never purchased insurance before. I guess my thinking was that it only covered a medical issue, etc., but I’ll probably be looking further into it for or next extended trip over the summer.

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