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August 6, 2017

I rode a ferry across the Aegean Sea and took a clipper ship to Beirut where I stayed in a boarding-house. There I met a couple that had just arrived and recommended a place where I could find a driver to take me to Baghdad.

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Unfortunately, this wasn’t a real trip, it’s from the game 80 Days which is a single-player, steampunk travel game on Windows, iOS, and Android. The plot is loosely based on Jules Verne’s novel Around the World in Eighty Days.

In my introductory post, I mentioned that I work in the games industry so I’ve played a wide variety of games including action, adventure, puzzle, story, shooter, the list goes on. Some of my favorites are survival games but today I wanted to recommend this adventure game based on travel.

It’s 1872, London. You are playing as Passepartout, valet to Phileas Fogg. Monseigneur Fogg has placed a bet against his friends that he can circumnavigate the world in just 80 days. You are given limited funds to plan your trip with him and will be a race against the clock.


First, you are asked to pack Monseigneur Fogg’s suitcase. Here are you being introduced to three mechanics. The suitcase-size limits how much you can take, each item has a purpose which you can see when hovering your mouse over the item. Some of those items are part of a collection which give you bonuses when you have the entire set. And most importantly, some items unlock new routes to travel such as the starting item “A thick volume listing all the train-routes in India.”


Once you are packed, it’s time to depart. You will have multiple paths to travel and some very interesting modes of travel but more on that later. Choosing your first destination is where your unique adventure folds. You’ll have a lot to take into consideration when picking your destination: departure time, arrival time, how much luggage can be brought, cost of the ticket, if your destination has any unlocked routes already and how Monseigneur Fogg’s mood will change based on the travel. You are his valet, it’s your job to keep him happy.


While on the move, time will pass but you will also have options on how to spend your time. Throughout your trip, you’ll have a chance to talk with Monseigneur Fogg and others. You’ll be given options on what to say and this is where the rich story brings the game to life. Here is a little snippet during my ride to Baghdad:

“We spent the night feasting on spices and pulses and drinking a dark beer-like drink in the ruined walls of an ancient city. I have no idea of its name or history; none of the inhabitants spoke English and our driver disappeared within a few moments of our arrival.”

When you are visiting a city, pay attention to the time of day. Most cities have nothing to do during the night so you must spend money and waste time to sleep. Exploring the city spends time but allows you to talk to locals that might be able to give you tips on new routes to take. The Market allows you to buy and sell items, some of which will fetch a good price if sold in specific cities. Visiting the Bank will allow you to withdraw extra funds for your trip.


Here are some of the locations and adventures that I had during this play-through: In Rome, I saw glass-blowers with ceramic hands. I bribed, I mean negotiated, my way into Athens. While flying in an airship, I had the good fortune of meeting a Greek that owns a shipping freight company which opened the route to North Africa. I rode a ferry across the Aegean Sea and took a clipper ship to Beirut where I stayed in a boarding-house. There I met a couple that had just arrived and recommended where I could find a driver to Baghdad. I followed the couple’s recommendation and crossed the desert in a car powered by an eclectic collection of sails, mirrors, glass tubes and steam power. Upon reaching Baghdad, I accidentally acquired a magic dagger. While there, I spoke with the hotel owner and discovered that his son has a hot air balloon and could take me to Tehran.

On the flight from Karachi to Delhi, Monseigneur Fogg wasn’t feeling well, however, I met the captain of a vast passenger fleet and she was a sweet-natured Punjabi woman who could swear like a sailor. She gave me a fantastic tip about shortening our journey, however, the ride was far too expensive so I had to pass. Upon passing the Taj Mahal Monseigneur Fogg was feeling worse and I found a doctor that deemed it a mild fever and to rest for two days. We learned that the Taj Mahal (this version of it) was built upon mechanical legs and it would slowly walk us to Calcutta.


That was only part of my journey, with so many destinations to choose from you’ll never have the same experience twice. You can find this game right now on the App Store!

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