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What is Amber’s Compass?

Traveling the world deepens your understanding and appreciation of other cultures. How can your vacation become more meaningful and enriching? Embrace the language, literature, food, customs, and history of other cultures. There are many ways to explore a culture and Amber’s Compass is your guide.

Traveling should be an adventure that you remember for a lifetime. Your journey is a personal transformation and Amber’s Compass is here to provide tips, recommendations, and reviews. For the travelers who seek culture, join the mailing list below and get inspired for your next trip!

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Solo Travel

Why Traveling Alone IS Brave

Solo travel puts 100% of the responsibility of the planning, activities, and safety completely on your shoulders. Traveling alone can be daunting and scary for a first timer. That is normal. Lots of people are afraid to travel alone and that is okay. Traveling alone IS brave because being brave is about facing your fears.

Is Marrakech Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Is Marrakech safe for solo female travelers? It's a beautiful and eclectic rose colored city. It’s a feast for the senses, full of culture, history, and architectural craftsmanship. Walking through the small cobbled streets can be a jarring experience for the uninformed. Many of its dangers can be avoided if you know the unwritten rules.

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Books For Your Travel Destination


In this heartfelt autobiography, Daphne Sheldrick tells the story of her life and career as a conservationist raising orphaned animals in Kenya. In Love, Life, and Elephants, the central themes throughout are Daphne’s loving relationship with David Sheldrick, her unique life experiences, and ultimately her passion for animals and Africa. Her vivid narrative of Tsavo National Park make the orphaned animals as much characters in this book as the people are.


Dreams of Trespass by Fatima Mernissi is an enchanting memoir that gives us an insightful look at a growing up in a Moroccan harem. Dreams of Trespass gracefully flows between childhood memories, Middle Eastern folk tales, and her family’s stories from the past. Fatima was a founder of Islamic feminism and here she recounts the roles of the women in her life.

San Francisco

There is so much more to Devil’s Teeth than just the dorsal fins of sharks slicing through the ocean. The history of the Farallon Islands is unparalleled and fascinating to dive into and those stories are a testament to Susan Casey’s research. This book is a window into another world that we experience through Susan’s eyes. Join her journey and live as a member of the shark research team on the rugged and unforgiving Farallon Islands.

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Adventure Recommendations

Whale Watching

Our boat was surrounded by whales! Drifting in the San Francisco Bay on our way out to the protected sanctuary of the Farallon Islands. Ahead of us, to the right, and to the left, were groups of whales feeding. It was exhilarating and beautiful. If you’ve never been whale watching and are considering taking a tour, I’ll walk you through what to expect, my experiences, and share tips and photos along the way!

USS Hornet

The USS Hornet aircraft carrier is located in Alameda, California. Just east of San Francisco, this floating museum’s history includes participation in World War II and NASA’s Apollo Program.  Its highlights comprise of 15 historic aircraft on display, multiple exhibits, a flight simulator, over 10,000 artifacts, and daily tours. The trip was a perfect combination of education, history, and fun.

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Do I Need Travel Insurance?

The short answer is YES. You put your hard earned money into your dream vacation, why would you not protect it? Getting travel insurance is quick and affordable. Going on a vacation without travel insurance is like driving a car without car insurance. You’ll probably be alright but when things go wrong, it gets expensive fast. Maybe you’re like I was and just didn’t know what travel insurance covers. Let’s fix that. Learn about travel insurance here.

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How to use Stitch Fix to create a travel wardrobe

One of my secrets to having a closet full of stylish and versatile clothes to travel in is that I use Stitch Fix. It’s a convenient and easy to use online styling service. A personal stylist will handpick five clothing items and accessories for you and have it mailed directly to your home or work. Stitch Fix carries women's sizes from 0-24W and XS-3X, and men's sizes XS-XXL. They also offer petite and maternity items.

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Tips For Plus Sized Travelers

How I Lost 50 Pounds in 4 Months

I’ve been on Weight Watchers before, and I’ve been on other diet programs but this time it’s different. I don’t think it’s because the program is different (though it is easy to follow), it’s because all those times in the past when I tried to lose weight I had the wrong idea, I was playing the game by the wrong rules. I thought to lose weight that I had to constantly eat salads, that I had to do intense long workouts, and that I could never eat out. Those are all wrong. Here is how I lost 50 pounds in 4 months.

Tips for Plus Sized Travelers

You’re ready for that well-earned vacation but you dread the flight. When boarding time comes, the dread turns to reality. Squeezing into your seat, your hips barely fit and you know it’s going to be a painful flight. It’s time to buckle up and yours just barely fits. That was me, as a plus sized person, I know how painful and uncomfortable flights can be. That’s why these tips for plus-sized travelers, to help relieve some of your flight anxiety.

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How to Start a Blog

You want to make a blog but don’t know where to start. For those of us who are not tech savvy, you’re in good hands! This is the step by step guide on how to start a blog that I wish I had when I first started. If you don’t know what a domain is, or what hosting is, that’s ok, I’ve got you covered. I’m going to take you from start to finish in just a few steps and I’ll show screenshots of everything along the way.

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Travel Discounts & Deals

Amber’s Compass regularly receives special travel discounts to offer to our readers, however, some are for a limited time so you should check back often. Looking for discounts on hotels, airfare, and adventures? Check out these travel discounts and deals.

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